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We know that you need to track your data
…that you want it to comply with GDPR
…that you need to be flexible without losing data
…that you want customizable dashboards and reports

We know analytics. And how to make it work for you.

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Experience the power of actionable insights with Snoobi

Welcome to Snoobi, your partner for advanced web and portal analytics. Born in Finland, we offer our clients an intuitive tool that transforms data into easily understandable, actionable insights, without compromising details, privacy and data ownership.

Enjoy the flexibility of getting actionable insights when you need them and tweaking your settings without losing valuable historical data. With Snoobi, your data is secure, in compliance with GDPR, and always at your fingertips.

Discover what it means to truly master your data with a solution that’s as reliable as it is powerful. Let’s start this journey together.

Smarter analytics, better business

Discover a web analytics solution that understands your business needs, respects your privacy, and evolves with your changing requirements

Worried about losing data with every tweak?

We feel you! Isn’t it frustrating when a tiny settings tweak in Google Analytics means saying goodbye to your valuable historical data?

With Snoobi, that’s a thing of the past. Adjust filters, change settings – all your previously collected data stays intact. Change your perspective, refine your analysis, and deepen your understanding without losing a single bit of your precious historical data.

Frustrated by overly complicated data analytics?

Deciphering intricate metrics in Google Analytics can be daunting and time-consuming.

Snoobi streamlines this process with an intuitive user interface, providing clear, actionable insights. Our solution offers real-time, rich behavioral metrics, making data analytics accessible and meaningful for your entire team.

Concerned about data privacy and compliance?

In an era where data privacy is paramount, relying on Google Analytics can expose your data to potential vulnerabilities.

Snoobi is rooted in robust European privacy regulations, ensuring your data remains secure and within your control. Our commitment to data privacy means no permanent cookies, no data sharing or combining, and no data transfers outside the EU.

What makes Snoobi so different?

5 reasons why business owners in Europe are working with Snoobi to give them the analytics insights they need

Snoobi is fully GDPR compliant

All data is exclusively stored in the EU

As client you have full data ownership

Snoobi is easy to use for non-data experts

Born 2002 in Finland, Snoobi is an established EU analytics provider

Powerful solutions tailored to your needs

Explore Snoobi's robust analytics offerings: Advanced Web Analytics, Portal and Intranet Analytics, and Custom Solutions

Advanced Web Analytics

With the Snoobi Analytics Platform you can demystify your website’s traffic without having to worry about privacy. Benefit from real-time metrics that decode user behavior, conversion rates, and page performance. Make informed decisions, driven by data that truly matters.

Custom reporting and dashboards to gain deep insights into your visitors have never been so easy.

Portals and Intranet Analytics

Snoobi’s portal analytics offers a 360-degree view of your SharePoint® installation’s or portal’s effectiveness. Understand user interaction, user navigation patterns, and content relevancy, and fine-tune your platform for optimal communication and productivity.

With Snoobi, there is no limit to what you can track and analyse. Our solution provides valuable and actionable insights beyond the standard analytics.

Custom Solutions

Sometimes off-the-shelf solutions aren’t enough.

That’s when Snoobi’s custom solutions step in. We work closely with you, understanding your unique challenges and requirements, to craft an analytics solution that fits like a glove.

From specific data requirements to unique user interface needs, we adapt our offerings to align with your goals. With Snoobi, you never have to settle for less than perfect.

Experience precision-engineered analytics that are as unique as your business.

Ready to take control of your analytics journey?

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